Capture your whole possessions

everytime and from everywhere..

Organize your possessions fast, simply and comfortably. Always maintain an overview of all your stored objects in the garage or attic.

Create real storage locations, merchants, persons and processes in your iPhone. MyInventory is helping you to organize and connect all this information quickly and simply. Keep your warranty times, lent items and your total asset always in view and get your data stored on our external backup server.

Not enough? Ok, sell your items directly on eBay without using a computer, simple and easy with myinventory.

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"Mein Inventar [ist] eine herforragende App!" ( 09.05.2011) „Wenn Sie einen […] Gegenstand suchen, wird das Auffinden dank 'mein Inventar' zum Kinderspiel.“ ( 10.07.2012)
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